Garage Door Torsion Spring

A well-adjusted garage door, regardless of its size and material type, can be easily operated by an individual with an average strength despite the fact that most of garage doors weigh well over 100lbs each and some garage doors, depending on their material type and size, will weigh well over 200lbs. The secret is in a garage door torsion spring. Garage door torsion springs come in varies sizes and types. In order to have a well-adjusted garage door the size and tension of the torsion spring has to be carefully selected and adjusted to the weight of the garage door. If the torsion spring’s size does not match the requirements of the garage door, or the torsion spring’s tension is not adjusted properly your garage doors will not operate properly; they will be too difficult to lift or they will fly up as soon as you unlock them. These conditions will put strain on your garage door opener and may even create a safety hazard by causing your garage door to suddenly drop or fly off the tracks as it opens. In order to correct these issues you must readjust and/or resize your garage door torsion spring as required.
If your garage door torsion spring is broken you will not be able to open the garage doors, period. If you try to use a garage door opener, or try to lift the door manually you will damage the doors and possibly get hurt in the process. Therefore if your garage door torsion spring breaks you should immediately disengage your garage door opener to prevent accidental operation and call a garage door maintenance/repair professional to replace the broken garage door torsion spring.